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About us

Gatekeeper Kennel is a newly well established Kennel that can be found  in  the east of Pasig City, Philippines. We are solely dedicated to American Pit Bull Terrier show type breed. So we are not here to produce pit bulls that will be use in illegal purposes but will compete in future dog shows instead.. We love the breed not the deed.   

Our dogs

All pit bulls here are Dozer line. Most are sired by Bouncer, a foundation stud of Roughhouse Kennel. As of now, our kennel is composed of 5 females and 3 foundation males. We must admit that we didn't have time right now for joining the shows but we are looking forward into it. 

Our future plans

We are planning to breed and concentrate more on "all blue pit bulls" with a standard conformation and excellent temperament. If god permits, we would like to dominate in the scene of  blue pit bulls, and to be known as a top producer of quality blue pit bulls here in our country.